Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Let Them Be Little

"I can remember when you fit in the palm of my hand.  Felt so good in it, no bigger than a minute.  How it amazes me, you're changing with every blink, faster than a flower blooms they grow up all too soon."  Billy Dean

How many times do we hear, where did time go, it seems like yesterday you were a baby.  Well I can tell you I think it all the time.  My son is now 38 years old and it's so hard to believe he is grown, married and has children of his own.  Lord have mercy where does time go?

Sometimes when I'm alone and think about time, my mistakes and if I would do anything different I wonder if he thinks I was/am a good mother.  I was so young and didn't know a thing about being a mother but I did try.  I always gave him praise when he did good, but he also got his hiney tore up if he got in trouble.  Being a single mom there were a lot of things I did as both parents.   He was involved in every sport growing up, so that meant I was the one catching the baseball when he was learning to pitch, catching the football when he was the little squirt learning that and believe it or not I coached him when he played basketball.  I was probably harder on him than anyone because I wanted him to be the best at anything he did. 

I remember his little arms reaching up for a hug, crying because he got hurt but more importantly I remember the giggles and laughs that just warmed my heart.   Warmed my heart because I knew he wouldn't be giving those hugs forever and the giggles & laughter would turn to being grown up with responsibilities.   Now he's not little any more, he's all grown up with his own kids and I see him doing the same thing I did. I see him playing on the floor or outside with his boys when he should be cutting the grass or some  other grown-up responsibility .  I hear him laughing with his boys just like I did with him and that warms my heart as much as hearing him when he was little. So maybe, just maybe my parenting skills weren't as bad as I thought.

"So innocent, a precious soul, you turn around, it's time to let them go."  The first time he went off to basketball camp, he said don't be hugging me in front of my team.   Guess what?  I didn't listen.  But neither did the other mom's standing outside that bus watching their sons leave on a week-long trip for the first time.  That was hard but even harder was when he got married.  Bless my heart I couldn't decide on a mother-son dance song because every time I tried I cried like a baby.  So you can only imagine what happened at the wedding.  Yep, I cried like a baby the whole dance, patting him on the shoulder and holding on for dear life.  I mean he was about to leave to start a new chapter in his life and I was afraid those hugs would be fewer and further between. 

Lesson today?  "Let them be little, give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day.  Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle, let them sleep in the middle" and for goodness sake hug them every chance you get.  Let the dishes go, let the laundry wait another day, and maybe the maid might get it when she's through playing.  LOL

  Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass

Friday, November 10, 2017

American Soldier

"I'm an American soldier, an American beside my brothers and my sisters.  I will proudly take a stand when liberty's in jeopardy.  I will always do what's right.  I'm out here on the front lines, sleep in peace tonight American soldier.  I'm an American soldier."  Toby Keith

I think I will go a little different on this one.  It's Veteran's Day and we all need to thank a Veteran.
My family is full of American soldiers and that makes me proud.  My daddy was in the Army and fought in the Korean War.  He doesn't talk about it much and we don't have many pictures because that was many years ago.   But let me just say right here, this taking a knee crap doesn't set well with him.  Wait, what am I talking about, it doesn't set well with me either. 

The American soldier to me is way beyond anything I can comprehend.  They're always on duty, can't call in sick on Mondays and they work straight through the holidays.  He wants to be a good husband and father and meet the needs of everyone else.  He's not a soldier for the money because he's still unable to pay all the bills and the glory isn't a good reason because it's not always glorious. 

 Toby Keith says The American soldier is a soldier because he has to fight for the future of his family and his country.  He is aware of the risks of being a soldier and he claims he doesn't want to die for his country but if that happens he will "bear that cross with honor" because he understands the cost for the freedom we enjoy in our country.  He will fight for freedom and liberty, and if that's jeopardized then he will take a stand because that's WHY he is an American soldier.

Lesson today?  I said it in my opening statement.  Thank a Veteran today!  Thank him for the sleepless nights and missed holidays away from HIS family to protect YOUR family.  Thank him for the endless hours of being on duty to protect our great country.  Heck let's go a step further and thank their spouse too because while HER American soldier is away protecting us, she's home protecting her family without her American soldier. 

  Thank you our American Soldier,
   Sweet Southern Sass


Thursday, November 2, 2017

If You Came Back From Heaven

"I wouldn't know what to say, I wouldn't know what to do if you came back from heaven and I would look at you.  Would I fumble for the words, would I be a little shy, would I bust right out with laughter or break right down and cry."  Lorrie Morgan

WOW and WOW again, these are some powerful words.  I can think of several people what I would do if they came back from heaven.  Ya'll that have followed me know the very first one is my friend Andrew.  If he came back from heaven, I can tell you right now the first thing I would do is run and jump in his arms for one of his big ole bear hugs.  Yep I would be running 'cause he's so tall I would have to get a running start to jump that high.  I wouldn't be shy and I wouldn't fumble for words because the very first thing I would tell him is how much I miss him.  I wouldn't cry except for tears of joy but for sure within a few minutes I would be busting out with laughter because that's him.  He always made me laugh, sometimes I laughed so hard at him, tears rolled down my check.  Yep, I definitely would not be without words for him.

Being that today is my Grandpa's birthday he's the next one I'm thinking of if he came back from heaven.  I don't remember Grandpa being a hugging kinda man but I just know if he came back from heaven I would have to give him a hug.  I mean he's been gone a long time and I sure do miss him.  Just thinking about him today reminds me of his last Thanksgiving with us.  I can close my eyes right now and see him walking through the door to eat with that grin only he could do, his eyes sparkling because we are all there.   He loved us grandkids but I really think I was his favorite.  OK all ya'll other grand kids don't get all bent out of frame, we all know he didn't have any favorites but... I am the only one that could call him Grandpa, so in my book, that makes me his favorite.

Then there's my Aunt Dot.  Lord have mercy where do I start with her?  I hope God knows if he let her go I'd never send her back.  I wouldn't send her back because I miss so much about her.  I miss those calls at night, some she just wanted to talk, some she needed to straighten me out and of course there were the ones trying to get me back with that one somebody that she loved.  By the way, it's still not going to happen.  I told my mama if my Aunt Dot couldn't make it happen it would never happen.  I do know what they say about "never say never" but I'm pretty sure hell will freeze over before that particular wish of hers happens.  Bless her heart, she certainly tried.

The last person I think about if she came back from heaven is my Mama Highfield.  I saved her 'til last not because she's any less important or less missed, but because she's the grandmother and that means special attention.  I hope God knows if he let my Mama Highfield go, I'd never send her back either.  I wouldn't send her back because I want her to see my two grandsons and see what kinda grandmother I am.  I want her to hopefully see that I learned a lot from her and I hope she thinks I'm the BEST at it or at least the best that I can do.  I've never been the best at a whole lot, but I do know one thing for sure and that is that whatever I'm doing it's at 100% and giving all I got.  I'm not sure I could ever be as good at grandmother as my mama and Mama Highfield but my wish is that they see I'm giving it my best shot.

Lesson today?  Stop and think for a second who you want to come back from heaven.  Think about why you want them to come back.  Do you want them to come back because you miss them?  Because you need to say you're sorry about something?  or simply to just say good-bye because you didn't get that chance.  So with these questions asked, we all know we can't have people sent back to us from heaven and this is all pretend, so don't let that time get away that you regret not spending time with the special people in your life.   Don't wake up one morning and find out someone special in your life is gone and you're wishing you had spent more time with them or told them you love them.  Do it TODAY!

 Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass

Monday, October 23, 2017

Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog

"Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine.  I never understood a single word he said but I helped him a-drink his wine.  And he always had some mighty fine wine singin' Joy to the word, all the boys and girls now.  Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea.  Joy to you and me. "   Three Dog Night

Ok ya'll I know for sure when you start reading this one you're thinking what in the world can she say about this, Jeremiah ain't no bullfrog and I'm sure he doesn't have mighty fine wine.  Well the Jeremiah's I know certainly aren't bullfrogs and they probably don't have mighty fine wine, but  but let's just pretend today and go to the deep blue sea with Jeremiah and find some JOY!

Since I don't have a clue what this song is about I turned to the trusty Mr. Google.  What I found was a common interpretation of the writer's bullfrog is the prophet Jeremiah from the Bible and the song represents God's desire to unite all people in happiness.  The bullfrog, with his distinctive call that stands out in nature, is God's voice.   Holy Moly whether this is right or not, I LOVE it.  I mean what a better time to write about this than right now with all that's going on in this country.  What if this tiny little bullfrog could bring joy to the all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea and joy to you and me.

This song has always made me happy or to stay in line with the song brought joy to my soul.  Reading the words "if I were king of the world tell you what I'd do" made me stop a minute and wonder if I had that power to be king (or in my case queen) what would I do.  OK since you asked here is what I would do.  I would throw away all the hate, violence, abuse, sexual assault and war.  Hate is such a strong word but unfortunately it's in this world so I would replace all the hate with JOY!  Joy to the boy and girls and joy to you and me.  I would replace all the violence, abuse, sexual assault and war with JOY too.  Give joy back to the ones affected by violence of any kind, JOY back to that person abused or sexually assaulted and JOY back to people affected by war.  Writing this I'm thinking all these things are so horrible, how in the world could a person ever have JOY in their heart.  Getting joy back in your heart is hard but if I were queen and had the power I would make all the boys and girl, men and women, fishes in the deep blue sea have JOY, JOY, JOY down in their heart.  I would have them all have the love of Jesus in their heart, down in their heart to stay.  And if the devil doesn't like it, he can sit on a tack, sit on a tack and stay!!!  Then I would be so happy, so very happy, that everyone has Joy, Joy, Joy down in their heart.

Lesson today?  Since I have you all singing about a bullfrog I think my lesson today will be for you all to google this song, turn it up loud and just let the JOY of the song take over.  Let the joy take over your heart, let it bring peace where there is hurt and let any hate you have be replaced with JOY.  Joy down in your heart, way down in your heart.  Let the devil sit on a tack, sit on a tack and let him get STUCK!!!   Once you feel all this joy I'm talking about, turn ole Jeremiah up one more time and "dance it out."  Don't worry about who's watching, they're probably not anyway.  JUST DO IT!!!

  PEACE OUT & Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass

Friday, October 20, 2017

If It Wasn't For A Woman

"I close my eyes and she's right there.  Barbie dolls and teddy bears, picking buttercups from the yard putting them in mason jars.  Tea parties and pecan pie make me think of her every time.  Yes sir, yes ma'am it wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for a woman. "  Kelly Pickler

Kellie Pickler says she was inspired by her grandmother for this song.  Well this same song makes me think of my own grandmother every time I hear it.   Pecan pies aren't the only thing that reminds me of my grandmother, but she sure could make some good ones.  My sister thinks hers are as good, but come on ya'll, we all know our grandmother's makes the best EVERYTHING!!!

 I don't remember us having "tea parties" but I guess when my grandmother made her "tea" cakes it was a party because my Aunt and me watched like we were gonna learn how to make 'em but we all know how that turned out for me.  For ya'll that don't know what a tea cake is I googled the little things and found lots of descriptions but the one I like best is Divas Can Cook description.  "Tea cakes are as old-fashioned and southern as church funeral fans, make you wanna hum an old spiritual kinda thing. They aren't cakes or cookies at all.  They're kinda like a cake, cookie and biscuit all in one if that makes sense."  Some people think they should be crunchy but not me.  I like mine soft and a little sweet, just like my grandmother made them.  Sometimes she put chocolate icing and oh Lord have mercy, that was for sure a party.  Not icing from a can but the real stuff she made herself.

I'm sure we picked buttercups, but the flowers I remember most at my grandmother's was those little blue/purple ones she called thrift.    As far back as I can remember she had that stuff everywhere and we always got in trouble for picking them.  Keep in mind the little boogers didn't have stems long enough to put in a thimble, let alone put them in a mason jar, but that didn't keep us from picking it.  My favorite story about thrift was when Grandpa killed some birds.  We buried them, had funeral services and put that thrift all over their little graves.  I'm for sure we got in trouble for that because there were a lot of thrift picked that day.  Can't ya'll just see us now?  I wonder what songs we sung?

So many things I remember about my grandmother but another thing that comes to mind today is when we would get together for Thanksgiving at her house.  My favorite cake was yellow cake with her real chocolate icing and strawberries between the layers.  Oh my gosh this would make you wanna say hallelujah, praise the Lord and pass the biscuits or in this case, pass the chocolate cake.  .  Like I've said before since this is my story it's the way I remember it so what I remember is...she made that cake just for ME!!!!

Lesson today?  If you're lucky enough to still have your grandmother, take the time to go see her and make some memories.  What I would give to sit around that kitchen table again watching her make those tea cakes or to have one of those chocolate cakes only she could make.  One more Thanksgiving to look at old pictures and see her laughing at us.    Don't wake up tomorrow regretting that you didn't take time and the only thing you have left are memories.  Yes memories are wonderful but being hugged by your grandmother, well there ain't nothing like it.  I miss my Mama Highfield.

    Love to all,
    Sweet Southern Sass

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Things That I Lean On

"Psalm 23 when I'm scared to death.  A sleeping pill and my mind won't rest.  A little BB King when the thrill is gone.  These are the things that I lean on.  God's grace when I'm looking on a dangerous path.  12 steps when I need to find my way back.  My mama's voice on the telephone, these are the things that I lean on."  Wynonna Judd

This post was started back in August on the way to work after I learned heaven gained a new angel  when my dear Aunt had taken her final journey here on earth.  My uncle is a Christian man that probably turned to Psalm 23 for comfort more than one time over the past several years taking care of his sweet wife as her health declined.  But in the same sense I see her leaning on him as she was a tiny little thing and he was so big and strong.  Big and strong not only because of his stature but because of his faith and belief in God that  surely gave her more comfort than maybe he even knows.

My uncle has been gray headed as long as I can remember.  As a child I always thought anyone with gray hair was old but as I became older I realized having gray hair didn't make you old.  In my uncle's case it just made him distinguished looking that became a tired look over the years.   Reading the lyrics of this song I wonder what things he leaned on over these years and especially that last week.  I'm sure he thought many times of his mama and if he could hear her voice what comfort that would give him.  It probably wasn't a Conway song but something more like Amazing Grace or How Great Thou Art.  I doubt very seriously it was a sleeping pill to help his mind rest but a prayer that he certainly gained comfort from above. 

I'm sure during this time my uncles spirit was weak and his body breaking but he didn't stop.  He didn't need 12 steps and the devil didn't need to give him a talking to.  He had the shoulder of the man above to lean on and those shoulders are big enough to hold even my uncle so tall and strong.  God gave them many years of happiness here on earth. The days will be empty and the nights long but one day my uncle will take his journey home and they will walk hand in hand as one in heaven in the family of God.  Until then, he will be leaning on the everlasting arm of God's grace.

Lesson today?  What are the things you lean on?  Are you leaning on the things my uncle leans on or are you leaning on the pleasures of society?  Like I've said before I'm no bible scholar and don't claim to be but if you're leaning on things that would make the devil happy, maybe you need to take a look at Psalm 23 and hopefully it will help you find something better to lean on.  Something that will give you peace and a shoulder to lean on that will hold even the biggest of us.  A shoulder that will never turn away and arms that will give you comfort even in the hardest times.

  Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We Are The World

"There  comes a time when we heed a certain call.  When the world must come together as one.  There are people dying and it's time to lend a hand to life, the greatest gift of all."   Michael Jackson
No need for an explanation as to why this song came to mind today.  I have no idea why this man started shooting at concert goers in Las Vegas, but WHY?  Why would he want to hurt innocent people?  People out to enjoy an evening of music with friends and family.  I'm sure we will never know the real reason but ya'll we need to come together.  Come together like the night of this shooting when people were dying and strangers were lending a hand to strangers.  
We can't go on pretending this world is not in complete and utter chaos.  We can't keep sitting back hoping that someone, somehow will soon make a change.  We are all God's big family, so we have to start with ourselves to make this world a better place.  Most people underestimate their ability to make a positive change in the world.  They're overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that need to be done, all the people that need help, and all the worthy causes that exist.  However, lots of individuals making small efforts can change the world.  I like what Edwin Osgood Grover says from The Book of Good Cheer.  "I am only one, but still I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.  And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."   Just imagine if we all did something, regardless of how small, to make this world a brighter place how much stronger lives would be.  
"As God has shown us by turning stones to bread, we all must lend a helping hand."  A helping hand like we have seen during the devastating hurricanes that have hit our people.  A helping hand like the strangers helping strangers during the shooting this week.  A helping hand like my friends grandson collecting socks for the Harvey & Irma hurricane survivors.  A helping hand to let those that are down and out and sees no hope that there are people who care.   We're all in this world together, we got to help complete the master's plan, stop looking on and complaining.  You know this world is unfair, but if everybody joins in the plan and lends a helping hand, we will break the hate one hand at a time.  It's right there for us all to see, it's as simple as can be, if we all stand together as one there is no way we can fall.  We are the ones to make a brighter day, so let's start today.

Lesson today?  Oh my gosh this one is simple as simple can be.  Be the light that brightens someone's day today.  Smile even if you don't feel like smiling, it might be the only one a person gets today.  Hold a door for someone, it might be the only act of kindness a person gets today.   Offer a listening ear or a shoulder to someone that might feel like no one cares, it might be the only time someone truly cares enough to listen.  Cook a meal or take food to someone in need, it might be the only hot meal they've had in a while.  I could go on and on about "lending a hand" but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how you can help a person in need.  So go ahead...just do it and start giving.  We are the world, we are the ones to stand together as one and we can make this world a brighter place.  
  Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass